Does Your Garden Look Thirsty? Here Are a Few Ways You Could Benefit From a Simple Irrigation System

Posted on: 20 April 2020

Irrigation supplies come in all shapes and sizes, from the large commercial systems that can pump thousands of litres of water out an hour to your humble backyard hose. If you love your garden and enjoy tinkering around with ideas to make it easier to maintain then you have no doubt considered irrigation supplies at some point. Not only can they do a much better and more consistent job than you can yourself but also they are very easy to set up and not that expensive either. Here are a few reasons why irrigation supplies are in such high demand across the country.

Modern Sprinklers Are Far More Precise Than Their Antiquated Predecessors 

Most people think of water sprinklers as a sort of shotgun way to deal with watering your garden. This is because older sprinklers had no sensors or ways to analyse how much water the garden actually needed; they just covered it in water for a set amount of time. Modern sprinklers, however, do have these sensors and that means you only use as much water as is absolutely necessary. It also means that if it has rained recently or if the dew factor is quite high that they will not turn on and waste water. This way you get a precisely watered lawn that actually conserves water when compared using a manual hose.

Got A Veggie Patch? Drip Irrigation Systems Are What You Need

Millions of Australians love the idea of curating their own little veggie patch and enjoying the carrots, tomatoes and potatoes that their hard work produces. If you are just laying out plans for a new veggie patch then don't forget to add in a drip irrigation system. This system involves long hoses or pipes that run along the length of your patches of vegetables and slowly dispense water (drip it) so that the vegetables never are at risk of drying out and dying. In a country like Australia where a few hot days can ruin a fragile crop, there is no better way to keep your homegrown veggies looking and tasting great than with drip irrigation supplies. 

Use Your Rainwater Tank

There is not a whole lot you can do with rainwater tanks that do not have a filtration system attached to them because the water could be harmful to humans. One way you can utilise this water is to attach a pump (which can be fairly inexpensive) and then link it up to your sprinkler system. Not only does this mean you don't have to manually water your garden anymore but also it means you save money on your water bill! There are a lot of things you can do with irrigation supplies and it is important to always consider how you can improve your garden for the next summer.


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